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Frequently asked questions

  • How many apartments are within Eighty Eight O’Connell?

    Eighty Eight O’Connell will comprise approximately 160 apartments across three buildings which are connected by a multifunctional podium. Currently, there is a mix of two and three-bedroom residences available for purchase, with views to the sea, the city and the Adelaide Hills. 

  • When does construction of Eighty Eight O’Connell begin?

    Construction of Eighty Eight O’Connell is currently underway. Our construction program is subject to change due to a number of factors.

  • When is construction expected to be complete?

    Based on our current construction program, we anticipate construction of Eighty Eight O’Connell to complete in the first half of 2025. Our construction program is subject to change due to a number of factors.

  • Who is the builder?

    Tandem Building Group, one of Australia’s prominent commercial construction companies. They have been operating for over 20 years, with a total project value exceeding $1 billion. Tandem Building Group have a strong history in residential construction with most recent apartments at Live West in West Lakes. You can learn more about Tandem Building Group and their projects at www.tandembuilding.com.au.

  • What is the size of the Eighty Eight O’Connell site?

    The Eighty Eight O’Connell site is approximately 7,500m2 in area and is bounded by O’Connell Street to the west, Archer Street to the south, Centenary Street to the east and Tynte Street to the north.

  • Will Eighty Eight O’Connell form part of a community corporation?

    Yes, apartments at Eighty Eight O’Connell are community-strata titled, as is normal for apartment buildings. The community scheme has multiple tiers to ensure that strata fees are allocated fairly. Each residential building (Archer, Centenary, Tynte) has its own tertiary community scheme.

    Strata fees for the residential allotments are collected at the tertiary residential community scheme and are distributed at each residential community scheme to cater for maintenance of shared residential facilities. The commercial and retail properties within the buildings have their own community schemes, which residents will not contribute towards, to cater for amenities exclusive to the commercial and retail allotments.

  • What are the common areas in Eighty Eight O’Connell?

    The common areas can be seen in the draft community strata plan and include (but are not limited to) driveways, ramps, storage areas, stairs, lobbies, amenities, plant rooms and outdoor pool.

    The private landscaped terrace and outdoor pool located on level 2 to the corner of Tynte Street and Centenary Street form common property of the residential community scheme. These areas are for the exclusive use of residential lot owners and persons authorised by them from time to time in accordance with the by-laws.

    All of these areas can be accessed from the lifts dedicated to each of the three residential buildings.

  • Do apartments of one building have rights to use the residential facilities in the other two buildings?

    Yes, the residential amenities (common property) within the podium levels are shared between all three residential buildings. Each building has its own dedicated entry lobby and lifts. 

  • Are there any retail and commercial tenancies?

    Yes, there will be a variety of retail and commercial tenancies on the ground level, level 1 and level 2. Final details of operators within these spaces are yet to be confirmed, but at this stage we anticipate a healthy mix of commercial and retail offerings.

    At ground level, a gourmet food offering is currently proposed to be at the heart of the Eighty Eight O’Connell retail experience, providing residents and the wider North Adelaide community with authentic artisan produce and high quality dine-in experiences.

    It is proposed that bar and dining facilities, including casual spaces to enjoy food and drink, will be located on level 2 and open up to the public landscaped terrace. The bar and dining facilities will be available for hire by residents for private events such as birthday celebrations a limited number of times per year. These operators will also offer food and beverage service to the resident’s private outdoor terrace and outdoor pool to create a resort-like experience.

    Eighty Eight O’Connell also features a world-class gym and indoor pool on level 1, together with a day spa on level 2, which will be available to residents and the public for a fee.

  • Are there any public spaces within Eighty Eight O’Connell?

    There is a public landscaped plaza located on the ground level to the corner of O’Connell Street and Tynte Street. There is also a landscaped terrace (Sky Park) on level 2 which spans the podium and faces O’Connell Street. The Sky Park is accessible to the public during the buildings’ standard operating hours.

  • What is the waste management system at Eighty Eight O’Connell?

    Each apartment level includes a central waste room where residents can dispose of their waste and recyclables. The internal waste chute system connects to the main waste room within the basement.

    The main waste room includes large bins which are not individually assigned. Waste will be split between rubbish, recycling and organic waste. Council’s waste management contractor will remove bins from the secure area and empty as per Council’s rubbish schedule.

  • What are the security features of Eighty Eight O’Connell?

    Apartment lifts are for the exclusive use of residents and their visitors, and incorporate electronic access control to allow access to a resident’s floor only. Visitors can be granted access to the lifts remotely via the video intercom system.

    The ground level residential lobbies will be secured out-of-hours and are accessed using the same electronic access control system.

    The residential parking zone within the basement will have a separate vehicular entry barrier which will also be electronically secured. Apartment lifts are able to take residents directly from their parking level to their apartment level.

    CCTV cameras are proposed to be installed in common areas of the building including the basement carpark.

  • How many carparks are within Eighty Eight O’Connell?

    Eighty Eight O’Connell will include approximately 390 parking bays below street level for resident, commercial and public use. There will be zoning to enable restricted and secure access to certain areas, such as the residents’ allocated car parks. Publicly accessible parking spaces will also be available for use at cost, however the first two hours of public parking within the building will be free of charge.

  • How will I enter Eighty Eight O'Connell by foot?

    There are several entry points to Eighty Eight O’Connell. Public access is via O’Connell Street on the western facing portion of the building. The main entrance lobbies for residents are privately accessible from Centenary Lane on the eastern facing portion of the building. A secure fob card will enable resident access from all entry points.

  • What happens after I sign a contract for Eighty Eight O’Connell?

    Our team will remain in regular contact with you throughout the construction period by way of emails, phone calls and events to update you on key milestones and relevant construction and settlement information. 


    These FAQs are some of the questions that we are frequently asked in respect of the Eighty Eight O’Connell development. These questions and answers are intended to be used as a general guide only and are not intended to be exhaustive or contain all information which a prospective purchaser of apartments may consider material in making his or her decision to purchase apartments. To the extent possible, we recommend that you verify the information set out in these FAQs independently.

    The information set out in these FAQs has been prepared in good faith and believed to be correct as at the date of preparation of these FAQs. 88 O’Connell Pty Ltd reserves its right to vary or update the information from time to time. 88 O’Connell Pty Ltd makes no promise or representation that any factual information set out in these FAQs is accurate, reliable or that it contains no errors or omissions.

    88 O’Connell Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in these FAQs. To the extent of any inconsistency between the FAQs and any contract for sale or scheme documents, the contract for sale and scheme documents prevail. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss any matters relating to Eighty Eight O’Connell, rather than merely relying on these FAQs.