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18th August, 2022

A big welcome to Mercato

We are delighted to welcome iconic SA food retailer Mercato to Eighty Eight O’Connell. Providing a true Italian experience, Mercato will offer a gourmet marketplace along with a restaurant and bar. 

Immersed alongside culinary and retail boutiques, the new Mercato store will span 850sqm, and will serve the community by sharing the best of Italian food and beverages. 

This will be the second Mercato store, with their current Campbelltown premises recently celebrating 50 years of operation. 

Managing Director, John Caporaso, said "We are super excited to be involved in such a significant project created by both our team and that of Commercial & General. We can’t wait to share our family’s rich history as dedicated, personable and community minded retailers. We have the view that the world needs to eat, drink and live better".

"Our plan is to replicate the Campbelltown store with everything retail whilst emphasising our hospitality offering. This includes additional Mercato (ready) made meals and other staple food groups such as fresh seafood, seasonal produce, and butchery to make it a real market. As we engage with partners to achieve this, we will also look to add these categories to the Campbelltown store and make this the Mercato blueprint”.

Mercato, North Adelaide will occupy the entire retail space beneath the Tynte Street building. The store will be open 7 days a week.

To learn more about Mercato, visit https://mercato.com.au/