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13th December, 2023

Construction From Above

As we bid farewell to another year, we're thrilled to bring you the final Eighty Eight O'Connell progress update for 2023!

Paired with our latest drone fly-over video, we are pleased to share that the Centenary Tower has now progressed to level 6. We have installed the first elevation of climbing formwork screens with the remaining to follow shortly.

We are currently forming level 5 of the Tynte Tower and have the first elevation of formwork screens currently being installed. Simultaneously, the Archer Tower is approaching its first typical residential floor plate on level 4.

In the basement levels, we have been busy with the services team, and commencement of both block and partition walls. These trades will chase the building north as the lower levels continue to be stripped of formwork.

Our second twin hoist has now been installed to the Tynte Tower, leaving our last twin hoist to be installed on the Archer Tower in the coming weeks.

As we progress into the residential towers, we have been working on the setup of a new loading bay on O’Connell Street to better feed the job. This will become our primary loading bay and will also serve as our fixed concrete pumping location.

To wrap up the year, here are some notable project statistics - mostly achieved in 2023!

• Over 13,000m3 of concrete poured

• More than 50 slabs poured

• Approximately 2,500 tonnes of steel reinforcement installed

• More than 50,000m2 of formwork complete

• Over 250 precast panels installed

As we wrap up another productive phase of construction at Eighty Eight O'Connell and head into the holiday season, we wish you and your families a happy festive season and we look forward to providing you with more exciting progress updates in the new year.