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17th February, 2023

Health benefits of apartment living

When it comes to choosing a place to live, many people prefer the ease and simplicity of apartment living. But there are actually several health benefits to living in an apartment that may surprise you! In this article, we'll explore the top health benefits of living at Eighty Eight O'Connell.

Increased physical activity

Living at Eighty Eight means you'll have access to shared amenities such as swimming pools and the gymnasium. Having these facilities within walking distance can encourage physical activity, whether it's going for a swim or lifting some weights. which can make it easier to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Access to outdoor open spaces, such as the surrounding parks, reserves, and walking trails of North Adelaide, can provide opportunities for physical activity, stress reduction, and improved mental health. Being surrounded by nature and green spaces has been linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety, and can help promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Additionally, having access to these spaces can encourage outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, or cycling, which can improve overall physical fitness and cardiovascular health.

Improved mental health

Living at Eighty Eight will provide opportunities for socialisation and community engagement. Neighbours who live in close proximity can create a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation. There will be opportunities for social events which can foster a sense of community and connection.

Reduced stress

Owning a larger home can come with a lot of responsibilities, such as maintenance and repairs. When you live in an apartment, many of those responsibilities are taken care of by the strata management team, which can reduce stress and free up time for other activities. The close proximity of neighbours can make the building feel safer, which can also reduce stress.

Access to professional services

At Eighty Eight, you'll have the support of services such as a front desk concierge, package delivery, and building maintenance. This can provide peace of mind and reduce stress, knowing that there is always someone available to help if needed.

Access to allied health

Convenient allied health services are located on the lower levels of the building, such as physiotherapy, medical, physio, pharmacy and beauty. 

Living in an apartment can provide so many health benefits, including increased physical activity, improved mental health, reduced stress, access to professional services and allied health. To learn more about living well at Eighty Eight O'Connell, drop into our Display Suite during opening hours.