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26th October, 2021

Your guide to Apartment Living at Eighty Eight O’Connell

It’s never easy leaving the things you love behind. The dusty boxes full of old things you forgot you had, the furniture you’ve always intended on replacing but you’ve just never had the chance and the big house that no matter how many times you clean, it’s just never clean.   

What if a fresh start awaits? A moment in time where home becomes the ultimate representation of an urban resort, with life’s treasured conveniences at your door. A home for those who live their lives with an inherent sense of style and believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Eighty Eighty O’Connell is the awaited fresh start.

Sitting in the heart of Adelaide’s most refined neighbourhood, Eighty Eight showcases cinematic views and breathtaking interiors where every residence is luxuriously bathed in natural light. Neutral palettes and elegant materials create a timeless canvas to call your own, while soaring ceiling heights open your world to new possibilities.

With everything from private concierge services, a pet-friendly sky park, countless dining selections and everything from health and wellness to retail and private working spaces, Eighty Eight offers a range of exceptional amenities right at your door.

Apartment living can be a daunting yet exciting experience! So, here is your 5-step guide on downsizing and entering the journey of apartment living at Eighty Eight O’Connell.  

Determine your lifestyle needs!

Think about what lifestyle you want to embrace as you enter a new chapter at Eighty Eight. You want to take things with you that will make your new place a home. When embarking Embracing on this journey selecting objects that have sentimental value and purpose to you will help your move be an easy one!


Decluttering methods will help you make item-by-item decisions when going through your belongings. A helpful tip is establishing a method to sort your possessions into such as Keep, Donate and Store.

Keep the items you use in everyday life, your favourite things.

Donate the things you no longer have use for.

Store the items that have sentimental value to you.

A plan for unwanted items!

Finding a place for all the things that aren’t coming with you on the next phase of your life requires a plan! Ideas for getting rid of items include:

- Donating

- Having a garage sale

- Hiring a skip

- Passing down to loved ones

Once you have unloaded all the items lingering and you are only left with the items you are taking with you, the weight is off your shoulders and the excitement can finally start to kick in! 

Measure out your new space and wait to buy new things! 

Measuring out your apartment is critical in knowing what space you have, for both the old and new items! The excitement of moving usually encourages us to over buy new things! Taking the time to plan out your space and seeing what new and old items fit best together will help make your new home, homey. The Eighty Eight Display Suite Apartment is a great place to visit in the meantime to plan out and visualise how you’d like your new apartment to look!

Give yourself plenty of time!

With Eighty Eight O’Connell construction predicted to be complete in 2025, the common need for a quick move is eliminated. This gives you time to prepare for the move! Downsizing is never easy, especially under pressure. Having time, gives you the flexibility to do things at your own pace and be ready when the time comes!

We hope this guide to apartment living helps in making your move to Eighty Eight O'Connell an enjoyable one! See you soon!!